Many businesses fail, no matter what the economy is doing at the time.

Restaurants are considered the riskiest businesses because so many don't make it, not even when they serve good food. Failing is not nearly as bad as never attempting to do something. Still, many people want to work from home, but are wary of taking that initial first step.

The restaurant business is rather fickle. One that is doing very well might have many successful years and then sink within months. Thankfully, that is not true of most business ventures. In general terms, a business that makes it the first year can continue with the leadership it has, even if the first year is only about keeping the head above water.

There's no insurance policy you can buy to ensure that a work from home venture is going to be just what you hope it will be, but there is certainly no guarantee that your present job will last either. Just read the papers and see how many big name organizations are fading away.

If you want to work from home, commit to making the effort. There are many opportunities that may be your ticket to an independent, fulfilling, and enjoyable future and career. There are many work from home success stories; you can be one of them.

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