Basic Office Skills for the Work at Home Environment

If you've ever worked in an office environment before for an employer, you've been exposed to basic skills that are required to work effectively and efficiently. These same skills will come in handy if you decide to start doing typing work from home.

Let's review a few of these skills:

  1. Workspace - A clean desk is a happy desk, and while there are some who will tell you they work better in a cluttered environment, it isn't the most productive setup; they just don't want to take time to do it. Keep papers organized, filed, and in locations where you can find them when you need them. A filing system is essential, especially if you work for multiple clients.
  2. Tools and Resources - You need to have the tools and resources required for your work. Most typing jobs from home require a computer, an internet connection, an email where you can be reached, and a chat connection such as Google, Skype, or Yahoo. You'll probably also need a word processing software such as Microsoft Word, and a text editor is a good idea, too.
  3. Environment - You'll need a quiet place to work, away from the chatter of the television, people's conversation, and children at play. This is not to say that mothers with children cannot work from home; it just requires some planning so you have some time to work without constant interruption. Moms often work while kids are at school, or when dad is home from work and can watch the kids.
  4. Goal Setting - Anyone with a job should know the tasks they need to accomplish in a given day. It is no different working typing jobs from home. It may take some time to define what these specific tasks are, but basically you'll need to: a) market your business; b) take on work assignments; c) complete them on time; and d) collect your pay. This is a very basic overview, but it gives you an idea of what's required. If you don't find work assignments, you won't earn any money.
  5. Showing Up - Just as a boss expects you to show up for work in an office, you have to show up for work in your own business. Otherwise, how will you ever find work, complete it, and get paid? Set a work schedule, and adhere to it; of course, don't try to overdo and work 7 days a week 12 hours a day or you will get burned out. Everyone needs time off to refresh and energize.


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