How Much Can You Really Make Working from Home?

Some days you may wonder why you attempt to work from home because you aren't satisfied with how much you are earning. Most people who do typing work from home have some variables in income based on what hours they work and the amount of money a job pays.

The first thing to learn in the typing business is that you are completely responsible for your work. No one you do business with wants to check or correct your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.Some weeks, you may not find enough work to keep you busy the hours you are available to work. You don't want to take on more work than you can do, but you want to stay abreast of new job opportunities so you have work now and in the near future.

Earned wages must be averaged to get an accurate accounting of what you make. This should be done quarterly to provide enough variation for a reasonable idea of what you will be able to earn in a year's time.

The earnings figure doesn't take into account many factors when you consider what you made when you worked for someone else. Consider these things when you compare typing from home with your last year's W-2 earnings.

  • Taxes are going to be less when you work from home if you earn less, and your itemized deductions should help increase your net pay.
  • You can do many errands and chores working from home that would normally cost you if you were working 9 to 5.
  • You save money on fuel and car maintenance when you work from home. There may also be auto insurance savings because the car is driven fewer miles.
  • You can use time for working that would normally be spent commuting to and from work. You can also take short lunch breaks instead of a full hour, allowing you to work and earn more.
  • You can wear casual clothes to work. You can still look nice when you work at home, but there is a time savings that can be used for work that is normally spent grooming for the office. There's also the added expense of clothes and accessories for the office job that you don't have to spend.

Continue brainstorming and you'll probably think of many more things that contribute to your bottom line because you work from home. You may be earning more than you think you are when all things are considered.

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