Beehive DataSoft Data Entry Services - Data Entry Outsourcing

Data Entry Services

Outsourcing your data entry projects through our company will be more cost effective depending on your needs to convert printed or hand written materials. We deal with various inputs like hard copies, PDF files, scanned images, tiff files or various other sources and deliver the desired results within the required turn around time.

Data Processing Services

Outsourcing your data processing needs to us is a vital aspect of a highly competitive market for all companies who want to add to their business rapidly while emphasizing strongly the important aspects of maintaining data quality and strong communication simultaneously.

Data Mining Services

Outsource your data mining, collection and web scraping services to us. Our clients avail our services that are essential, by providing quality information and data as required which help in decision making and further analysis to keep themselves ahead of their competitors.

Data Cleansing Services

Outsource your data cleansing projects to us; it includes standardization, de-duplication, validation, verification, updation. This applies to the information retrieved from data entry and processing from different sources.

Data Conversion Services

Data Conversion activity will result you in reducing your storage cost for more than 80% as well as it will make the data retrieval very fast and easy. We convert data from any type of input sources to required output format.

Scanning Services

Among the services we provide, outsourcing your scanning service to us is one of the most favored means to altering and digitalizing any type of information from original hard copies. This includes paper scanning, document scanning, microfilm scanning and microfiche scanning etc.

Indexing Services

Indexing is a unique technique that is used to capture the essential information from the documents which is then stored into a document management system or any other type of database. Outsource your indexing needs to us to maximize your data output and enhance your data quality and make your data easily retrievable.

OCR Conversion Services

Optical Character Recognition called as OCR and Intelligent Character Recognition called as ICR. Both the techniques are used for better and faster character recognition that will help fast data conversion. Outsource your books, documents for OCR conversion get quality data at affordable prices.